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The Visionary

Our Senior Minister
Reverend Gregory L. James
Minister Gregory L. James is the Founding Minister of the Reclaiming the Land Ministries Inc.,(RTL) as an author, playwright and CEO of RTL, he is also known as a Prolific Revivalist and Conference Leader.
His first book published “Naked” recaptures the transformation of his life. He is currently working on three other books “Failure isn't Final,” “Don't Stop Living” and “Birthing Ministry,” a three part series. Senior Minister James, along with his dedicated staff produces major regional conferences “The Thousand Men Rally” an increasingly popular conference that addresses specific needs of all men and has helped men take their position in their family , community, church and home. The conference has set and unprecedented participation, bringing men from every walk of life in a united front. His works have been featured in both local and national newspapers as well as broadcasted on the CBS affiliate WCTV.

1000 MEN RALLY from Rev. Greg James on Vimeo.

Minister Greg James' divine convictions, perceptiveness, fearless advocacy for restoration and reform and his own experience of incarceration and re-entry has made him one of the most sought Christian Leaders in the North Florida area.

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